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Hack Wii U

Hack Wii U


Nintendo Wii U have not played copy game currently however game Wii can play on Wii U. Therefore we can hack / unlock / jailbreak (depending on the way you call) Wii U to play game copy Wii from HDD which is the same way to do to Wii.

nShop will give you a service_Hack Wii Mode to play game copy Wii (do not touch to the hardware of Wii U so you can play the original game Wii U normally)

Softmod service of nShop include:

  • Hack Wii U all of region USA, Japan, Europe...

  • Install the newest ciOS / Loader to play some new games (Zelda Skyward Sword, Call of Duty MW3...)

  • Copy 10 games Wii free to HDD.

  • Update firmware, cIOS, IOS, USB Loader without fee when it has a new version within 6 months from the day your Wii U is hacked.


SOFTMODE WII U                                        400.000 VND and copy 10 games Wii free to HDD.

The time to hack Wii: you can take back your Wii U within 20 - 30 minutes. In waiting time, you can take a seat to watch our staff hack your Wii U and can choose games to copy to HDD. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your machine can be lost or change devices inside as other places (their appointment is about 3 hours or a half day to take back your machine).

Prestige warranty: we give you an assurance that your Wii U is hacked safely follow the best method and installed full cIOS (systems necessary for Wii) so your can play almost games_old and the newest. Some other places also hack Wii U but with a cheaper price and install old system version so you just play the old game. Some customers have to bring their Wii U to nShop to update their old hack system (price 200.000/time) you not only lose you money but also your time. After hacking, your Wii U has 6 months warranty about Loader, in that time, if there are any new update for Wii you can bring it to us to update free (Note: we refuse guarantee if you update, pre-install firmware, format your Wii U by yourself, just warranty Loader).


. Some terms to hack Wii U is your machine must be firmware 2.1.0. If your Wii U is firmware 1.0.0 we cannot hack because it has not had game Wii system. Beside that you should update your Wii U first at home because the time for updating is too long and must be use wifi (about 2-3 hours). If you want to have your Wii U updated at nShop you can leave your Wii U and take a promissory note (about 6 - 12 hours to take back your Wii U, it also depends on wifi speed). The price for updating service is 100.000 VND (not include 400.000 VND_hack Wii U).

. When you come by nShop to hack Wii U, please remember to bring the HDD to be copied 10 games free. In waiting time to hack machine, you can choose games and copy game in order to play game immediately when you come home. If you have not had HDD yet, nShop will give you a receipt_copy free 10 games Wii (value 80.000 VND) so that you can come back in the next time with the receipt and we will copy free game for you.

. HDD is available to Wii that can be any kind of device using USB gate (External HDD, Ext Box, USB…). However, nShop recommend some branch is available well to Wii are: Western, Transcend, Seagate. To see list of HDD which is available to Wii you can click this link:

Accurate level of Compatibility List is not 100% but it also help you to consider carefully which HDD to buy and you do not waste your money to the wrong HDD which is unavailable. Finally, it is necessary to use USB Y capable (device has a secondary gate which supplies extra source) for your HDD because it helps your HDD loading game stably and easier.

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